2016 Research Project @ University of Applied Arts Vienna

Spark – Analog Tools for Digital Worlds

The concept

Spark is a concept study in form of a set of hybrid reality 3d-painting tools for children. Combining physical functionality & real haptic feedback with near future digital possibilities it allows children to create the worlds they play in.

Physical and digital realities are merging. The resulting hybrid reality offers great chances but can lack boundries.

What does all this mean for upcoming generations?
When content is presented similar to fast food, to be consumed but hardly interacted with, when everything is pre-visualised, the development of imagination and creativity suffers.


Every digital action should require a physical one (more than a swipe or click). Spark are toys for digital creation and physical play. It is not a mere digital painting toolset!
Through several experiments and workshops we analysed the childrens preferences in different methods of creating without the use of clishees still existing in the toy industry.

In partnership with Daniel Wyrobal

What we did

Research & Ideation
Product Design
CAD / 3D
Rendering & Visualization
Model Making
Branding / Grafic Design