We are a collective of industrial designers
creating captivating pictures, installations and products
in the heart of Vienna.

Our Work

Delivering quality and looking at every aspect of a project is our defined goal. We believe the details are what makes a design stand out from the rest.

We work project based with varying teams matching the needs of our clients. As lifelong learners we are always adding to our skills, but for a list of our ever growing capabilities have a look at our service catalog here.

Our Studio

The studio is a part of the Markhof which is a place full of creative minds, which provides more than just space for our studio, but is more like a village with a workshop, rooms for events, meetings, jam sessions, cooking and also houses a liberal school and a seperate coworking space.

We are

Heavy Detail is a company founded by Tamás Nyilánszky a creative technologist and designer working in Vienna. We operated as a collective for a few years and are now in the process of restructuring. In due time we have a new product to launch and exciting news. Shoot me an email at tamas@heavy-detail.com if you plan to work with me or have questions regarding past projects.